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At PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS we believe it’s fundamental to assist in improving the lives of disadvantaged communities in South Africa. We have therefore developed a corporate social investment policy that will

work well with our company strategy this will contribute to
the company’s overall vision and mission, aligning all the core strategies to go well with the CSI program is our main goal to make sure we improve the lives of the community of South Africa.


As PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS we vow ourselves with good quality services to our customer’s that everything we construct will live on for the next generations to come, making sure our work will not only ensure good services but also give the generations to come a right direction to preserve and improve the business of innovation throughout South Africa and also abroad making sure that structures tower the Everest through our human evolution and the curiosity to prosper. We as PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS PTY LTD stands for good innovation of infrastructure development to improve skills and also maintain human creativity.



PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS PTY LTD provides a full range of services to its clients, starting at the needs assessment phase, through the project identification and justification phases, to the design of the project, its implementation through plant hire, transport and logistics, property developments, and food and accomodation.

We strive to execute our projects in such a way as to contribute towards capacity building in the communities where we operate. Employment creation, transfer of knowledge, and skills to local communities are part of our main objectives in our community involvement in projects. We have a tradition of assisting our clients at the management level and providing support to enhance their institutional capacity through training.


With our experience with supplying plant for earth works we are proud to have worked with companies such as big family construction and also kgoshi electrical pty ltd. We aim to provide plant that is good and effective for our clients to provide good quality services to do earth works.

Safety & Health Management

Prostar Africa Holdings PTY LTD is committed to building and maintaining a safe working environment and continual improvement with clear and non-negotiable standards and procedures. Our approach goes further than achieving our safety objectives with a zero-harm philosophy.

Environment Management

PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS PTY LTD emphasizes environmental awareness in all we do. We are keenly aware of the impact we and
our projects may have on the environment and, as a result, implement programs and policies to minimize adverse effects focusing on construction methods and materials that allow for a ‘greener’ project construction process. We conform to all client and project-specific environmental management plans to ensure the impact of our activities on the environment is controlled within the guidelines specified. Quality Management

Plant And Equipment Resources

As PROSTAR AFRICA HOLDINGS PTY LTD we want to implement intensive development and training programs in an effort to constantly raise our performance and set standards at the level
we consider in keeping with our approach of delivering quality products to our clients.
We believe that skill, knowledge, experience and discipline are essential to our achievement of sustainable growth. We have pride in all we do and the quality of our projects bears testimony to this commitment.

Development Plan Transport and Logistics

We aim on providing effective transport of goods and services for our clients through out
the transport industry with working with clients from the manufacturing, Mining and food producing industry. Dedication
to provide an effective quality work its what gives us the drive to prosper as Prostar holdings Pty Ltd.
We aim for unstoppable growth in our industry and provide good job creation for our communities.

Supply Chain Management

As Prostar Africa Holdings we are committed to growth and expansion to be capable to give services that will be effective to our clients with our supply chain services we offer good quality products that have been tested and approved to meet the Construction industry and the Bureau of Standards SABS. We offer the following:
1. Mining Equipment Supply 2. Aggregates
▶ G1,G5 & G6
▶ Building Mix
▶ 13 MM Stone ▶ Pump Rock
▶ Plaster Sand ▶ River Sand
▶ Scaffolding & Paint Work Supply
▶ Raw Material Supply for Construction and Mining

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