welcome to prostar africa holdings
We vow ourselves with good
quality services to our customer’s.

everything we construct will live on for the next generations to come.

welcome to prostar africa holdings
We specialize in
plant hire, Transport and logistics, property developments and food and accomodation.
welcome to prostar africa holdings
We perform work on both a
negotiated or a competitive bid basis.
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Complete Service

The goal is for complete customer satisfaction. We don’t accept anything less.


Quality Assurance

Our products and services are quality assured to meet expected standards and exceed them

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With more than 25 years of combined experience, how can you go wrong?


Prostar Africa holdings Pty ltd it’s a none restricted company that aims to oversee and work on social innovation of South Africa and its own infrastructure development. established in May 25, 2019 by its own director with the vision to provide good quality assurance to our customers in the construction industry and also other industries that we aim to work on and also improve with our own improvements and knowledge to grow the infrastructure development industry in any field of work which for now we will only focus on the following:

  • Plant Hire.
  • Transport and Logistics.
  • Property Development.
  • Supply Chain, Construction and Civil Engineering

We signify the importance of good service to our clients that is why we aim on employing people that will not only oversee creativity but also be able to find
solutions to problems and tasks at hand to provide the outmost concrete problem-solving techniques that will make not only quality work but also a lifetime worth of solid structures that will be used by generations to come after our service.


Our mission is to create and employ credibility to our clients and create a solid reformed structure that will be able to oversee and address
the socio-economic issues and also help develop a good working environment that will protect all the stakeholders and create the most youthful site in the southern hemisphere.


Our aim as Prostar Africa Holdings Pty LTD is to ensure that the work we do oversee to make change based on our clients’ needs to empower the situation and task at hand, also to provide suitable solutions to address the socio-economic issues that need progress to be innovated and also to be maintained of which its why our company stands to address future progress.


     • Our vision is to create sustainable growth and empower the next generation to           maintain the normality to empower job creation in society.

  • Dedicated to progress and creativity with good work ethics and values.
  • Unity and Strength
  • Teamwork and Respect
  • Good and Reliable service
  • Good Ethics and Code Practice
Our Clients & Project Value
Kgosh (Electrical)

- Project Type: (Bulk Earth)
- Reference: Mxolisi Ncetu
(079 499 0158)
- Project Value: R1 000 000

Image is not available

- Project Value: R70 000

Image is not available
Mpfuvelelo Business Enterprise

- Project Type: (Bulk Earth)
- Reference: Edmond (060 683 7383)
- Project Value: R200 000

Image is not available
Avax 181 CC : Dumping Offsite

- Reference: Pebetsi Papo
(061 129 8108)
- Project Value: R 450 000

Image is not available
Just Wright Tradind: Supplying Raw Material

Reference: Lwazi ( 082 262 0925 )
- Project Value: R100 000

Image is not available
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